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BP Recommends: Steve Doyle - Presence

New York-by-way-of-Nebraska bassist Doyle includes five lofty originals and a resonant solo rendition of 'Prelude to a Kiss' on his impressive debut.  Factor in the ample solo room and support he provides for Chris Potter on tenor and Guitarist Dave Stryker, and Doyle more than makes his presence felt.

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Lincoln Journal Star

Nebraska Native Pens Impressive Compositions

All the way from New york City, bassist Steve Doyle still makes his 'Presence' known in Nebraska, the native state he left several years ago in order to pursue a music career.  

Born in Omaha, Doyle played Hammond organ and piano before switching to bass in his mid-teens.  Winning a four-year scholarship to the University of Nebraska School of Music, he quickly fell under the influence of UNL instructor and master jazz bassist Rusty White and graduated with a degree in music education.

On 'Presence', his debut recording, Doyle fronts a formidable quartet of musicians dedicated to the pursuit of happiness and hard-charging group interplay.  Fellow Omaha native Dave Stryker squeezes off blistering guitar lines, the much-in-demand tenor saxophonist Chris Potter attacks each tune with gusto and imagination, and drummer Tony Moreno keeps the complex rhythmic pulse ticking along like a Swiss timepiece.  

'Presence' features five original compositions and inspired renditions of three standards, including up tempo versions of Irving Berlin's 'How Deep is the Ocean' and Ornette Coleman's 'Una Muy Bonita' and a solo bass interpretation of Duke Ellington's 'Prelude to a Kiss'.  

It is the Doyle-penned tunes that impress the most.  '3rd Wave' includes obvious references to world music.  The title track is a moving, midtempo exploration of melody and harmony.  'Tender Elements' beautifully illustrates Doyle's ballad side.  

'Nebraska', as the composer himself describes it, is "a programmatic piece that takes the listener on a visual journey to the plains of the Midwest."  Here's hoping that Doyle makes that journey back to the plains for a concert tour in the near future.

- Tom Ineck, Lincoln Journal Star, April 26, 1998 

Review: Times Square Chronicles

He has a warm presence and approaches his audience with a charm that instantly makes one feel comfortable.  Steve Doyle is a masterful musician.  With ease, he glides from song to song, taking the spectators on a winding and visual path.

This accomplished and award-winning musician has a distinct vocal style. As the evening progressed, each new song took on more of the essence of Steve.

Russ Weatherford, Times Square Chronicles